Delivery Capability


  • 1500+ Inbound/Outbound contact center stations
  • 150+ Back end processing/Research stations
  • Live 3rd party switching capability (Forward, conference, barging in, coaching)
  • Unlimited script branching capability
  • Edit checking available on all file fields
  • Unlimited file-length handling
  • Client manual for every client specification (SOP)
  • Scalable operations
  • Every member on quality assurance team with at least 5 years experience
  • Comprehensive Voice/Accent training


  • Remote in-house monitoring
  • 24X7 toll free “follow me” access to operations management
  • Real time reporting tool
  • Quality assurance protocols
  • Center of Excellence for Training, QA/QC and Triage assistance
  • Continuous auditing
  • Accuracy charts for client according to evaluation criteria
  • Immediate implementation of feedback

Security & Privacy

  • Real Secure IDS (Intrusion Detection System)
  • Secured V-LAN for separate Clients
  • WAN/LAN switches password changed regularly
  • 24x7 physical security on production campuses
  • Firewalls and antivirus software with updated virus definitions
  • Secure 128-bit SSL encryption for all NPI
  • Storage of regular back-ups in secure disaster recovery facility.
  • All employees with explicit confidentiality and non-disclosure contract and closely monitored
  • Privacy, security and confidentiality awareness training to entire workforce.
  • Continuous auditing of ISO/BS/HIPPA compliance

Business Continuation Planning

  • Redundant Telecom
  • Backup Contact Center
  • Redundant NOC
  • Data Integrity & Security
  • Power Backup
  • Employee Retention & Training
  • Client Communication and Reporting