Base-II offers leading edge technology that is designed to maximize efficiency and productivity. It provides highest MERs to our client partners and a pleasant experience for their customers. The system strategy that we strive to employ is highly flexible, fault tolerant and redundant wherever possible. The networking architecture provides for flexible, manageable and secure interconnects with our clients. We have engineered and implemented a common platform for all call center technology including centralized reporting.

Base-II's IT systems have been designed with an understanding that the accelerated pace of the contact center Industry cannot sustain the technical challenges posed by a fragmented solution. We provide a common platform that provides fast and adaptive implementations and sophisticated visualization of results. Our IT Department operates 24X7 to satisfy needs of our clients.

Inbound Features

  • Full media blending
  • Inbound Call management ACD
  • Inbound group skill base routing
  • Digital recording
  • Estimated queue time announcement
  • ACD and Queue Abandon solutions
  • Personalized Voice mail by Service / Campaign
  • Personalized greeting messages according to specific DID
  • Automatic call backs
  • Phone book management

Outbound Functionalities

  • Automatic Outbound Dialing, predictive, progressive, preview and broadcast mode
  • Automatic detection of wrong, busy and disconnected numbers
  • Automatic answering machines detection
  • Skill based routing
  • Management of Maximum number of rings
  • Wrap up time configuration
  • Call distribution to skill groups
  • Automatic call back at fixed time and dates
  • Operator management
  • Call file management
  • Real time call file management
  • Customized Call Display


  • Personalized script generator
  • GUI Toolbar for database connectivity, rebuttals and multi media actions
  • Pop-up interface functionality
  • Automatic call recording
  • Conditional branching
  • Script generator branching verification
  • Database connectivity

Supervisor Functionalities

  • Unified Supervisor Screen
  • Agent, campaign, group, inbound, outbound etc… real time supervision
  • Real time ratio statistics
  • Cross reference results per Agent basis
  • Alerts depending on agent performance
  • Quality assurance recording
  • Supervisor Voice interaction
  • Agent status notification
  • Queue real time performance monitoring
  • Local Supervision
  • Remote supervision capabilities
  • Remote voice monitoring
  • Detailed and real time file analysis and agent qualifications
  • Production statistics by campaigns and by agent