Base-II International Inc

Every organization faces some critical choices in this challenging global economy. It must bridge the gap between strategic imperatives and available resources. It must lower operating costs while increasing productivity. It must improve profitability without loosing the focus on their core competency. It must operate lean while reaching its operative goals and delivering results.

These demands lead to a critical strategic decision of selecting the outsourcing partner. This process needs an advisor you can trust; who can give you get personal attention, insight and objective analysis and recommendations; and a partner, who can on your side every step of the way during transition and implementation.

Base-II International Inc was evolved to fill in this void in the industry. Established in 1998 as Inc, Base-II has a track record of successfully coordinating several outsourcing projects with unique business model. Started as a leading provider of e-marketing research, management/system consulting as well as interaction management services; today, Base-II is a global provider of outsourced business coordination services including contact centers.

Base-II is a boutique company with totally integrated, global service delivery system that offers a complete array of IT and IT enabled outsourcing services. Base-II is committed to continuing research and analysis of the strategic issues of the outsourcing market. With a strong onshore presence in the North America and in depth knowledge of resource management, local/global corporate culture, Base-II have taken outsourcing to a new level of efficiency and quality improvement.

Base-II is one of the pioneers to bring in the captive center concept in various industry verticals. Base-II's delivery centers in India, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Philippines, Guyana and Mexico provide state of the art, customized solutions.