Direct Response

Using state-of-the-art outbound and inbound contact center technologies, Base-II is able to provide optimal efficiency in list penetration, closing ratios, average sales, average speed of answer, call abandonment rates, and talk time. Close attention is paid to the set-up and management of programs, supported by strong hands-on management. Results are monitored and reported daily or as needed. We are a FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission) compliant company and follow the recommendations of ATA (American Teleservices Association), DMA (Direct Marketing Association), CMA(Canadian Marketing Association), CTAM (Cable and Telecommunications Association for Marketing)

As new technologies drive the contact center industry to be more efficient, cost-effective and innovative, many agencies lose sight of the importance of the agent. No matter how efficient and elaborate the technology may be, without old-fashioned know-how and a commitment to communicating on a one-to-one basis, program performance and marketing metrics will not be as good as they can be. Combining advanced technology, know-how and creative scripting enables us to achieve the results our clients demand. Our strongest assets are our agents. They make the most of our technologies by effectively communicating our clients’ message clearly, courteously, efficiently, effectively, and honestly.

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Subcontracting. Support. Managed services. However, you define it, outsourcing is emerging as an attractive solution. In these challenging times of tight budgets, compressed deadlines, exploding amounts of information, and stringent compliance regulations, managing healthcare allied services can cost you in more ways than one. Choosing the right outsourcing partner is the key.
Why Base II should be your outsourcing partner?
Base II is a one-stop shop to meet your healthcare services needs thereby allowing you to concentrate on your core activities.
In-depth domain expertise, innovative and cost effective solutions, experienced team, focus on QUALITY, value-added services, data security measures and excellent customer service are our differentiators.
Base II offers end-to-end solutions including total healthcare revenue management, clinical services and clinical staff augmentation to our clients who healthcare providers, payors and administrators.


Keeping pace with the speed of business means that executives never have enough time. While most would choose to focus on strategic areas such as operations, product development, customer relationships and internal leadership, all too often the urgent takes priority over the important.

Base-II provides a better way to manage important, non-core business processes including finance and accounting, payroll and benefit administration and information technology. At Base-II, we don’t just manage outsourced processes, we reengineer and refine them. We improve them by working closely with our clients to create a custom solution that fits their unique business requirements. As a result, Base-II clients recognize significant cost savings of up to 50%, as well as quality improvements and time savings—all with the flexibility demanded by the pace of business.